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Grace Communications

Grace Email List


Most members of the Grace family receive communications from the church via email. If you are not currently receiving Grace email communications and would like to receive Grace Communications, and if you have email service, send an email with your email address to the church office (

Grace Mailing List


Grace members who do not have email service receive communications from the church via regular mail. If you do not have email service and would like to be included on the regular mailing list, send a request to the church office (Grace ELC, 19225 W Witty Road, Elmore OH 43416).

Grace Communications
  • This Week at Grace
    A weekly message to the Grace family that with news and announcements about upcoming worship and event plans. This Week at Grace is sent by email to everyone on the Grace Email List and by mail to members who do not have email service.



  • The Parish Reporter
    A monthly newsletter with messages from the Pastor and other members as well as reports on Grace ministries and activities.


  • Council Meeting Minutes
    These minutes provide details about Council meetings, topics that were on the agenda and decisions made by the Council.



  • Grace Annual Reports
    Each year, the Grace Council produces an Annual Report with detailed financial reports and summaries of Grace ministries and programs. Annual Reports are presented to congregational meetings in January of each year.





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